Learning Material

Taking that next step

Here you can find several pieces of educational material that can be useful for application of Conceptual Mediation or Old Way / New Way in practical settings. This includes the classroom for educators or in other skill spaces such as sports.

Educators Handbook

This document goes over a series of workshops or lessons that can be run with students to explore both Conceptual Mediation and the Old Way / New Way method. It introduces the students to concepts such as proactive inhibition and accelerated forgetting. It provides the students with a level of understanding behind what is going on during their learning process and provides them with techniques that they can apply practically to deal with areas they may be having difficulty with.

Student Handbook

A handbook designed for distribution to students to introduce them to a variety of concepts including memory and forgetting. It asks them a series of questions to get them interacting with the material and walks them through several practical techniques they can apply to their own learning such as the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check process.

How to Study a Word List

A set of directions for using the Look Say Cover Write Check method of mediating between commonsense meanings of words with the scientific meaning of words: e.g. The common sense meaning of acceleration is “going faster” where as the scientific meaning is “change in velocity which being a vector quantity has both speed and direction as variables”